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Marvellous meerkat pups

27 June 2024

We’re delighted to share that we recently welcomed three adorable meerkat pups into our family. Born to proud parents Cardi B and Biggie, these tiny newcomers join their three older siblings from last summer’s litter.  The little pups didn’t have the easiest start to life, however.

With the recent miserable weather, our meerkat family faced an unexpected challenge. As temperatures dropped well below what’s typical for this time of year, our keepers noticed one of the pups looking distressingly lifeless. They quickly intervened and brought the family indoors.  Animal Collections Manager Kristine Fennessy Alexander warmed the pup by holding it against her skin and remarkably, within 5 minutes, the pup began to show signs of life. After an hour under a heat lamp and a few doses of critical care, the pup made a miraculous recovery. “It was a tense moment, but the pup showed incredible resilience. We are all relieved and delighted by its recovery,” Kristine said.

Meerkats are known for their strong social bonds, and these pups are no exception. Under the protective care of their parents, they’ve been gradually venturing beyond the safety of their burrow. During these early days, it’s not just the parents who look after the pups. Their older brothers also share the duty of raising them, keeping an eye on the pups when mum is busy foraging, and role modelling correct behaviour for the youngsters to observe and imitate.

Carolyn Booth, the dedicated Pets Farm Team Leader, shared her insights: “Thanks to the quick actions of the team, we were luckily able to ensure the survival of all three pups. It’s wonderful to see this little family grow, and we are happy to report that all members are pitching in to take care of the little ones. As the pups begin to explore their surroundings, we can see that they are growing more confident by the day.”

We invite you to join us on this heartwarming journey with our meerkat pups. Follow their progress and antics on our social media platforms, where we’ll be sharing regular “pupdates”.

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