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£14,750 donated to conservation projects

20 February 2024

Every year we raise money for conservation projects around the world, through our Link to the Wild fundraising initiative. The projects are chosen and supported by our keepers here at Blair Drummond and are often smaller grass-root initiatives. Since 2014 we’ve raised over £218k for conservation projects!

With your support, we were able to raise £14,750 in 2023 and this money was disbursed to our chosen charities this month.  Here’s a brief update on the projects we support:

  • The Bulindi Chimpanzee and Community Project: £4,600 contributed towards chimpanzee monitoring, school child sponsorship, and tree-planting training programs.
  • Vulpro: £4,000 allocated towards veterinary costs for rescued vultures.
  • Barbary Macaque Awareness and Conservation: £1,150 invested in purchasing firefighting equipment to combat wildfires in the Bouhachem Forest.
  • The Corbett Foundation: £1,000 designated for removing invasive plants from the Kanha Tiger Reserve, ensuring the preservation of crucial food sources for the wild herbivores which the tigers prey upon.
  • Namibian Lion Trust: £1,000 directed towards supporting the salaries of the ‘Lion Guards’ who mitigate conflict between lions and farmers.
  • Black Mambas: £1,000 contributed towards essential repairs for patrol vehicles, enabling the anti-poaching unit to continue their critical work in Kruger National Park.
  • Feedback Madagascar: £1,000 to supporting communities and protecting lemurs in Madagascar.
  • Galapagos Conservation Trust: £1,000 designated for reducing coastal plastic pollution in the Galapagos, benefiting species like the Galapagos Sea Lion.

Your continued support is essential in our mission to protect and preserve our planet’s biodiversity.  Thank you for being an important part of our conservation efforts!

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