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Watch as different birds-of-prey swoop and soar* above your head! Set against the stunning back-drop of the Ochil hills, our flying displays take place in a natural loch-side amphitheatre – the perfect setting to watch these talented hunters in action. You’ll even get to see the stars of the show close-up, and ask our keepers any questions.

*Please note: swooping and soaring results may vary. All our birds are flown free, so are able to return to their aviary, or just perch in a tree, if they wish. And sometimes they do!

Three flying displays a day

Displays are 20-minutes long and take place three times a day at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm, so make sure you plan ahead. Each display features different birds with different skills, so it’s worth catching more than one show – or all three if you’re a super-fan! There’s plenty of audience participation too, so don’t forget your camera to catch those memorable moments.

Kevin the Hooded Vulture

He may look a bit scary but he’s the big star of our flying displays. As vultures don’t always get the best PR, our keepers love to talk about them with visitors. So come and say hi and find out more about the crucial role these hard-working birds perform in the wild.

Ant the Burrowing Owl

Although Ant is tiny, he definitely thinks he’s the fiercest animal in the park! Always a crowd pleaser, come and watch this wee man (and his syndrome) as he runs through a series of tunnels in the arena.

Vraska and Benbecula the Steller's Sea Eagles

These two are too big to miss. Be amazed as they swoop in from the other side of the lake and retrieve food from the water. An awe-inspiring sight! But don’t worry, if you miss them in the show, you can visit Vraska and Bencecula in their brand new aviary – a state-of-the-art residence for two of the biggest stars around.

Peek the Barn Owl

Peek is a real stunner. But his beautiful feathers aren’t just for show. Find out how these distinctive owls fly in almost total silence to catch their prey.

Vulture conservation

You may not know, but vultures are now the most threatened bird species in the world. Many birds are hunted, poisoned by pesticides and lead fragments from bullets, injured by electricity cables or hit by cars when feeding on road-kill.

Through out Link to the Wild initiative, we support VulPro – a charity working in South Africa to protect, rehabilitate and re-release these amazing birds. When you visit our bird-of-prey centre you’ll get the chance to donate to this important charity if you wish. Your money goes towards:


  • The rescue and retrieval of downed and injured birds
  • Purpose-built release enclosures
  • Rehabilitation and medical costs
  • Monitoring and tracking devices
  • Mapping habitats to better understand vulture behaviour

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