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Research is a vital part of our work here and helps us to understand more about specific species, their environment, and the best ways to help with conservation. Learn more about some of the recent projects we’ve been involved with here.

Enhancing giraffe wellbeing

We recently embarked on an extraordinary journey with researchers from the University of Glasgow to craft the world’s first interactive audio enrichment system for the gentlest of giants, our lovely giraffes.

Our collaborative team set out to investigate whether giraffes would enjoy triggering audio of giraffes humming, thus potentially enriching their experience. Two prototype systems were designed, one playing sounds when giraffes interacted with a hanging toy and the other triggering audio when they stood next to a sensor.

Heating technology gives chimps power over their environment

Providing animals with the ability to make choices over their habitat has been proven to positively impact their overall well-being.

In collaboration with Glasgow University, our lucky chimps now have the option to trigger a blast of hot air if they step on a projection on the floor of their indoor habitat.

Interactive enrichment technology may provide insight into lemur behaviour

It’s not just us humans who love our streaming services. In a cutting-edge project, researchers at the University of Glasgow and Aalto University in Finland set out to discover how our lemurs would respond to being able to trigger audio stimuli on demand.

The project (led by Dr Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, of the University of Glasgow’s school of computing science) took place in the Lemur Land section of the park in October 2022 and provided some very interesting results!

Blair Drummond Safari Park contributes to turtle and tortoise study

Challenging evolutionary theories of ageing

It may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but in a recent study by Species360 Conservation Science Alliance, scientists may have uncovered the secret to eternal youth! And who has helped make this amazing discovery? None other than our 39-year-old Sulcata Tortoises, Monty and Mali.

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Research proposals

We have close links with many Scottish universities and welcome research proposals.  Please read the attached document for information on how to apply for approval for conducting research at Blair Drummond Safari Park.

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