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You can visit most of our animals on foot. Raised platforms mean great views of the giraffes, lions and tigers, or why not say hello to our friendly animals in Pets’ Farm? Watch out for Lemur Land too, where all our lemur species are free-roaming.

Eye-to-eye with a giraffe

With a glass viewing window in the giraffe house, you can get to know these incredible characters at eye-level as they munch on their food. In fact, as giraffes eat up to twenty hours a day, you’re sure to catch them mid-meal.

Pets' Farm

Take the path around Pets’ Farm to meet our more domesticated animals. Pygmy goats, Highland ponies, pigs, alpacas, llamas, sheep, donkeys – and don’t forget the rabbits and guinea pigs.

You might also spot our most notorious residents, the Anglo-Nubian goats. (At least we hope you’ll spot them in their pen – they’re very good at jumping fences and grazing on things they shouldn’t!).

Lemur Land

Stroll with our lovely lemurs through the trees of their walk-through reserve.  You’re likely to hear these cheeky characters before you see them. Ruffed lemurs have the second loudest alarm call of any primate.

Chimp Island

Stroll along the river and you might come across a surprising sight. Our family of chimpanzees live on their own island. Spot them from the handy viewing point.

Brave the dinosaurs

Behind huge charge-proof gates lies a prehistoric forest for you to explore. But watch out! It’s home to over twenty stomping, screeching, life-size dinosaurs. (PLEASE don’t feed them.)

Wet weather? We’ve got you covered

We sometimes get a spot of rain at the park. It is Scotland, after all. But don’t worry, we’ve got sheltered viewing platforms and play areas, a large indoor restaurant with baby-changing/feeding facilities and plenty of covered spots for picnics or BBQs.

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