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Eurasian eagle owl

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With its prominent ear tufts, piercing orange eyes and huge wingspan, the Eurasian eagle owl is one of the largest and most impressive owl species. Highly adaptable, these majestic predators live in a range of habitats, including woodland, grassland, desert and rocky landscapes. Eagle owls tend to be solitary, but form a monogamous couple during the mating season. Hunting at night, usually in the first few hours before dawn and after dusk, their hearing is so good they can detect prey in the undergrowth from 75 feet away.

Like most owls, the Eagle Owl’s feathers have soft edges that allow it to swoop down silently on its prey. However,  as owls don’t have teeth, they can’t chew their food. Instead, they rip their meal into chunks or swallow it whole!

Conservation status | Least concern

Fact Sheet

Scientific name

Bubo bubo






Around 20 years. Up to 60 in captivity.

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