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Striated caracara

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The striated caracara is a bird of prey found in Argentina, Chile, on the coastal islands off Tierra del Fuego and within the Falkland Islands. These striking birds frequent open lowlands and are often seen along rocky coastlines.

Striated caracaras are chocolate-brown birds with golden faces, and silver-streaked necks. They are named ‘striated’ for those silvery stripes and ‘caracara’ after their spirited calls. Thanks to their long legs, they can run quickly on land, while their broad wings let them soar gracefully in the air.

These clever birds are primarily scavengers, feeding on carrion—mainly dead seabirds and sheep, offal, and food scraps. They’re opportunistic too, and will prey on weak or injured animals like young seabirds and newborn lambs.

Striated caracaras are also known for overturning rocks to find food, showcasing their problem-solving skills. They’re some of the smartest birds around!

Conservation status | Near threatened

Fact Sheet

Scientific name

Phalcoboenus australis






Up to 30 years in captivity.

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