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Delve into the captivating world of tiger photography

14 July 2023

We are excited to announce that “A Tiger Journey” is now for sale in our gift shop. This captivating coffee-table book, created by our in-park photographer, Bernie Catterall, takes you on a mesmerizing exploration of tigers and wildlife photography, reflecting Bernie’s deep passion for both subjects.

Inside “A Tiger Journey,” Bernie presents an extensive collection of breathtaking tiger photos, accompanied by their unique stories and his personal photographic journey. Our own female tiger, Hope, features heavily in the book, being Bernie’s favourite tiger in the world! ‘A Tiger Journey’ offers a glimpse into Bernie’s fascinating world while showcasing his profound admiration for these magnificent creatures.

Bernie’s love for tigers became evident to us in 2018 when he graciously shared some of his stunning photographs with us. Since then, Bernie has generously allowed us to feature his captivating images in our marketing materials, helping us to spread our conservation message.

It is important to note that Bernie’s intention has never been to profit from his work but rather to share his passion for tigers with the world. Even today, his dedication remains unwavering, as he has selflessly pledged to donate all profits from “A Tiger Journey” to our fundraising initiative, Link to the Wild.

By purchasing “A Tiger Journey,” you not only embark on a remarkable visual adventure but also directly contribute to the vital cause of protecting and conserving tigers. Your support helps us make a difference.

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