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Get ready to be “dazzled” by our newest zebras!

31 July 2023

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce the latest additions to our Large Mammal family: Panya and Amahli! These two adorable one-year-old female zebras arrived from Noah’s Ark Zoo in Bristol on Wednesday evening, and they have already settled in beautifully.  You can watch their heart-warming first moments in the park here.

The dynamic duo appears to be fitting in very well and were successfully mixed with our boys, Tanu and Abba, on Thursday morning.  The meeting was something of a family reunion as Panya is Abba’s full sister, and Amahli is his half-sister!  How cute is that?

As you may know, our zebras share their habitat with our giraffes and we are pleased to say that this introduction was also successful.

Did you know that a group of zebras is called a “dazzle”? All four of our dazzle are Grant’s zebras, the smallest of the seven subspecies of Plains zebra. You can distinguish Plains zebras from other species by their stripes, which extend under their belly. In contrast, Mountain zebras and Grevy’s zebras have white bellies.

Make sure to come by and give the girls a warm welcome on your next visit to the park. It’s lovely to see all four zebras getting along so well and so quickly.

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