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Join us for World Chimp Weekend!

10 July 2024

This weekend we are going to be celebrating World Chimp Weekend in the park from the 12th to the  14th of July! This weekend promises a deep dive into the lives of our chimpanzee residents with a variety of engaging activities.

Meet Our Chimps: Discover each chimp’s age, origin, favourite enrichments, and unique personalities.

Tombola Fun: Take part for the chance to win some awesome prizes like goodies from our gift ship, amusement ride coins, and a family pass.

Chimp Catapult Feeding Raffle: Experience the thrill of feeding our chimps via catapult!

Interactive Touch Tables: Test your knowledge by guessing the contents of boxes related to chimp diets and enrichment.

Nest Building: Get hands-on and learn about chimp nesting behaviours with our nest-building activity using the provided materials.

Chimp Emotions: Match photos of different chimp facial expressions to their corresponding emotions.

Scent Challenge: Test your senses with our hessian bags filled with herbs.

Handprint Messages: Show your support for our chimps by creating handprint messages on paper bags, which will then be displayed on the island.

Food Foraging Fun: Explore chimp food foraging behaviours with our puzzle feeder challenges.

Join us for this incredible weekend of learning, fun, and connecting with wildlife. Don’t miss out—mark your calendars for World Chimp Weekend.

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