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Our hairy highlanders have arrived!

14 June 2022

Say hello to our new family of Highland cattle. Five hairy gentlemen (Avalon, Paddy, Ben, Ueli and Cowboy) and three hirsute ladies (White, Hika and Valentina). These characterful cattle are a great addition to the park and, as they’re all one big family group, we’re hoping they’ll feel right at home in no time. Did you know that unlike other breeds of cow, the group name for Highland cattle is a ‘fold’ rather than a ‘herd’?

The cattle came to us from a private estate near Kilmarnock and look spectacular in their new field. As their shaggy coats suggest, Highland cattle are designed for the cold Scottish weather and, in the wild, will often use their strong horns to dig through snow and ice when foraging for food. Fortunately, the weather is a bit warmer than that at the moment, so the family have been enjoying the summer sunshine and exploring their new enclosure.

Hoofstock Keeper Gavin Marshall said:

“I just love Highland cattle. They’re really spectacular and a true symbol of Scotland. Our fold is a mixture of colours, which is quite unusual. We even have a white male and female!”

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