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Say hello to Elvis the ostrich

2 May 2024

Elvis has entered the building! But hold on, we’re not talking about the legendary rock ‘n’ roll icon himself. Instead, we’re welcoming a new member to our gang.

All the way from Blackpool Zoo, comes our newest addition: a charismatic male ostrich. And with his sleek black and white feathers, he’s already turning heads and stealing hearts.

But what truly sets this handsome guy apart is his special crooked smile. Yes, you read that right – our ostrich’s unique beak creates the impression of a very endearing smile. And as we watched him settle into his new home, we couldn’t help but be reminded of another famous smile – one belonging to none other than The King himself, Elvis Presley.

Just like Elvis, our ostrich exudes charisma and charm with every step he takes. From the moment he arrived, he’s been captivating us all with his presence and personality. Remarkably, he has already settled in well with his new housemates after just a few days.

Not only has Elvis moved in with our resident female ostriches Deirdre and Louise, but he’ll also be sharing his habitat with our giraffes and zebras. Mixed species enclosures can be highly beneficial for certain animals, more closely resembling their natural habitat and providing social enrichment.

So, as we welcome our newest member to the flock, we invite you to come on down and say hello. Keep an eye out for our charming ostrich with the crooked smile – he’s sure to steal the spotlight wherever he goes.

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