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Three beautiful baby maras

2 August 2022

There was much excitement in Lemur Land recently when Francesca the Patagonian mara gave birth to three beautiful babies on the 1st July.

Everyone is doing well and the new arrivals are starting to explore Lemur Land. As they both come from similar climates, the maras and the lemurs make great housemates, and the three little ones now have lots of curious lemur aunties and uncles.

Patagonian Maras are rodents from South America. Their closest relatives are guinea pigs and capybaras – although they look more like a rabbit with deer’s legs!  Unlike deer, however, they do not have hooves.  Instead, they have four toes on their front feet and three on their hind feet, and each toe is equipped with a strong claw.

Everyone is in love with the three new youngsters and we can’t wait to show them off. We’re not sure what sex the babies are yet, but we’ll let everyone know on our social media channels as soon as we know!

You can find out more about Patagonian Maras here.

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