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Welcome to our newest macaque Gigi!

5 December 2023

We are delighted to announce the newest addition to our animal family – an adorable baby macaque named Gigi. Born to mother Wuwu on the 14th of September, this two-month-old girl has quickly captured the hearts of both visitors and keepers alike.

Pets Farm Team Leader Carolyn Booth said “Gigi had a challenging start in life as her mother Wuwu holds a lower rank in the macaque social hierarchy. Soon after Gigi’s birth, several higher-ranking females attempted to take her away from Wuwu. Fortunately, our vigilant keepers managed to separate mother and baby from the group until Gigi was old enough to navigate the complex social dynamics. Baby theft is quite common among macaques as these monkeys are incredibly interested in newborns. However, without intervention, Wuwu might not have been able to retrieve her baby, due to her lower status.’

Social status is extremely important within macaque groups as they live in highly structured hierarchies that often depend on their connection to the dominant female.  Thankfully, Wuwu and Gigi have successfully rejoined the troop after their temporary separation and are now making regular appearances in our macaque drive-thru.  Make sure to keep an eye out for them on your next visit to the park!  Gigi can often be spotted cuddled up with her mum or one of her newfound friends.

Carolyn Booth notes, “Wuwu and Gigi have now been reintegrated with the rest of our troop, and it’s heartwarming to see them thriving in the company of their macaque family.  Gigi has quickly become very popular with our male Ghillie, and our females Zinc, Eadie, Fia and Orcus and they all love taking turns carrying her around.”

Our macaque troop arrived in Scotland from Gibraltar in 2014, and they have been cherished residents of our park ever since. Gigi’s birth marks the latest chapter our ongoing commitment to conservation and education about these remarkable primates.

We would like to give a massive thanks to our keepers for their quick thinking and dedication to ensuring the wellbeing of our animals.

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