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Welcome to the troop, Fia!

20 June 2022

Say hello to the tiny new arrival in our Macaque enclosure. Little Fia (named after the baby daughter of one of our own keepers), was born on the 25th May and can currently be seen snuggling up to her Mum Liberty in the macaque drive-thru. She’s doing really well and will, no doubt, be up to lots of mischief soon.

Barbary Macaques are endangered in the wild and our cheeky troop came to us from Gibraltar in 2015. As they had been causing problems with the locals, the macaques were shipped to Blair Drummond as part of the first large-scale export of the species since 1990.

Although the troop are still quite naughty and regularly enjoy climbing on cars and getting up to all sorts of antics, they have settled in well at Blair Drummond and are now some of our most popular residents. If you’d like to see baby Fia and get to know more about Barbary Macaques, why not pop into the park for a drive-thru safari? (Just don’t forget to wind up your windows!)

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