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Adorable Parma wallaby joey born

11 June 2024

We are thrilled to announce the birth of an adorable Parma wallaby joey right here in our park! Our group of Parma wallabies arrived on March 27th from Five Sisters Zoo, and they’ve quickly made themselves at home. Originating from the stunning region of New South Wales, Australia, Parma wallabies hold the title of the smallest among kangaroos and wallabies.

What’s truly fascinating about marsupials is their unique reproductive process. The newborns develop, are carried, and suckled in the mother’s pouch. It’s astonishing to note that mothers can even breed again just two days after giving birth.

Keeper Carly Meaney explained more: ‘Young emerge from the pouch between 23-25 weeks, and will go in and out the pouch until about 30 weeks. Full weaning occurs between 9-12 months. Our young joey is gaining confidence and is spending longer periods of time outside mum’s pouch each day.  Watching its progress is truly heartwarming.’

We invite you all to come and catch a glimpse of our new arrival by visiting our free-roaming Lemur Land section of the park. Join us in celebrating this special moment at Blair Drummond Safari Park!

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