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Parma wallaby

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Native to New South Wales in Australia, the Parma wallaby is the smallest of all the kangaroo and wallaby species. 

Shy and solitary, these nocturnal marsupials prefer lush, wet forest where they can shelter in the thick undergrowth during the day. Thought extinct until 1965, the species is now at risk from habitat loss due to livestock grazing and bush fires, which reduce the amount of suitable vegetation for them.

Parma wallabies are marsupials. This means that they give birth to an embryo, then develop, carry and suckle the embryo in their pouch. When they’re born, the tiny wallaby babies instinctively crawl up their mother’s belly and into her pouch.

Conservation status | Near threatened

Fact Sheet

Scientific name

Macropus parma






6 to 8 years in the wild, 11 to 15 years in captivity

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