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Hidden Disabilities

12 October 2022

We are proud to have recently become part of the Hidden Disabilities scheme.  This scheme is designed as a way for people to discreetly signal that they may need support, help, or just a little more time in public spaces.  The Sunflower is now a globally recognised symbol for non-visible disabilities thanks to this scheme.

Hidden disabilities include autism, chronic pain, learning difficulties, mental health conditions, mobility issues, speech impairments, sight/hearing loss, respiratory conditions, diabetes, and sleep disorders. People living with these conditions often face barriers in their daily lives including a lack of understanding and negative attitudes.

By displaying Hidden Disabilities posters we can reassure our visitors that they will be welcomed in a supportive way.  We are also now listed on their website as a Sunflower-friendly location in order to help people better plan their trips.  All customer-facing staff at Blair Drummond receive disability awareness training.

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