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Roll up your windows and get ready for a wild adventure, all from the safety of your car. Make your way through the reserves to see southern white rhinos, antelope, ankole cattle, camels and, of course, our magnificent lion pride. And don’t forget those cheeky macaques.

What can you spot?

Southern White Rhinos

Our Southern White Rhinos are an important part of our endangered animals breeding programme. Watch as they graze in the paddocks or visit them in the rhino house at feeding time.

African Lions

Our pride of African Lions have their own enclosure (obviously) and love to sunbathe on their lookout platforms. Sometimes, you’ll see them cross the road right in front of your car.

Barbary Macaques

Barbary Macaques are famous for their antics and curious about everything, so don’t be surprised if they jump on your car for a better view. (No soft-tops permitted in this reserve!)

Père David’s Deer

Our Asian animals include lots of different species of deer and you might see our rarest, the Père David’s Deer. Extinct in the wild, they are semi-aquatic and like to hang out at their mud wallow.

Bactrian Camels

You’ll easily spot our Bactrian Camels with their two humps and shaggy coats.

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