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Say hello to the world’s cutest lambs!

5 April 2023

On Wednesday the 29th of March, our Valais Blacknose sheep Gabi gave birth to two adorable lambs.  The gorgeous new arrivals have been named Killian and Kasper by their keepers, and are already proving to be a popular addition to the Pets Farm gang.

Widely known as ‘the cutest sheep breed in existence’, Valais Blacknose sheep are famous for their fluffy, almost teddy-bear like appearance.  They are also known for their friendly, affectionate natures and are often kept as pets, even in their home country of Switzerland.

Killian and Kasper have joined our other 2023 babies – Jack, Calypso, Neeps and Tatties – the four pygmy goat kids that were born in the last few months.  All six youngsters can be found springing around in Pets Farm, they even have some fun playground equipment to play on!  Make sure to visit Pets Farm while they are all still little and full of mischief.  Be warned though, you might just experience cuteness overload!

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